Publication History


“Flight”–The Alembic

“Pull the Visible World” and “Whale Oil and the Comedian”–MIdwest Quarterly

“Lucidity” and “Betwixt and Between”–New Ohio Review. “Lucidity” was selected by Kim Addonizio as the winner of the 2022 New Ohio Review poetry contest.

“The Likes of Us”–Lascaux Review; Lascaux Prize Anthology. “The Likes of Us” was a finalist in the 2022 Lascaux Prize in Poetry.

“The Glistening Edge of What Remains”–California Quarterly

“Evolution”–Kestrel: A Journal of Literature and Art

“Birds and Their Lack of Conviction” and “In It for the Long Haul”–Third Wednesday: A Quarterly Journal of Literary & Visual Arts”


“All I’ll Never Know”, “No Bones About It”, “Shelf Life”, “Entomology”, “Covid Guidelines”, “How Perfect the Imperfection”–Adelaide Literary Magazine

“The Mathematical Heart of Darkness”, “On Beauty”, “Dreams of Being Anyone at All”, “Thoughtless”, and “Song of Songs”–Tupelo Quarterly

“Neutrinos”–Redactions: Poetics & Poetry

“When Stella D’oro Ruled the Airwaves”–Fourth River

“The Poetry of Lunacy”–Lightwood

“All the Pretty Girls”–The MacGuffin

“Hurdy Gurdy”–Red Rock Review

“Shoulder to Shoulder”–North Dakota Quarterly

“Passages”–North Dakota Quarterly

“Fallen Wings”–Lightwood

“Mother Knows”–Crosswinds Poetry Journal

“Heartless”–Tar River Poetry

“Bust Out the Blueberries”–Sugar House Review

“Boom Times at the Shake Shanty”–Sugar House Review

“Home”–Sugar House Review

“Strangers and Other Friends”–Plainsongs

“Taps”–The American Journal of Poetry

“Kill Zone”–The American Journal of Poetry

“Tales from Four Seasons”–Catamaran Literary Reader

“An Interrupted Treatise on Domestic Tranquility”–The Louisville Review

“Rapture”–The Louisville Review

“The Pageant of Summer Rain”–Crosswinds Poetry Journal

“Uprising”–Main Street Rag

“Iron and Air”–Pinyon

“Slag”–San Pedro River Review

“Take a Knee”–South Florida Poetry Journal